React JS Course– The best option for web developers

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Business

React library is based on JavaScript. React has gained popularity since it is the best choice for creating single-page applications. This library is backed by Facebook. Today, when it comes to single page application development, React is one of the popular libraries of choice.

The applications created by making use of this library will have great features, and it also allows the development of dynamic fronted applications. Some of the features which the applications carry when they are supported by React are data binding, component architecture, declarative views, and universal views.

If a candidate is looking to pursue a React 16 course, then the right place is Zeolearn. The course on React here covers all the beginner and intermediate concepts of React. React is the best choice for web application developers since it supports the creation of single-page applications. Through this library, it is possible to achieve the best ROI in business. The applications created will have faster accessibility in this case.

Opting for Training in React 16 Course:

React JS training helps the candidate to learn:

  • Importance of React in comparison to traditional web development frameworks and its role in the creation of single-page applications
  • The course also focuses on the best language features like ES6
  • By the time they complete the course successfully they can develop single-page applications by utilizing React 16
  • They will understand the advantages of unidirectional data flow as well
  • The course focuses on teaching all the libraries like Redux, React Saga, React, and React Router
  • The course covers the concepts for building Redux middleware by making use of React Saga
  • They will learn to build presentational components by utilizing styled-components
  • The course involves all debugging techniques and students will understand to debug applications by utilizing React and Redux Dev Tools
  • Candidates will learn to follow immutable state principles by using the immutable.js library
  • Unit testing of components like Enzyme, Redux using Jest, and Sinon are also covered
  • SEO benefits in terms of implementing server-side rending and performing reductions in initial load times
  • Since the course covers web pack blunder, students will start making use of premium features like hot module replacement, tree shaking, lazy loading, and code splitting
  • Build, create, and deploy the react applications in the cloud
  • For third-party libraries, focus on sources and ecosystem of React

Prerequisites for React 16 training:

It is very important that the candidate should have experience in JavaScript development before taking up this course. But in case if they do not have one, then trainers will arrange a 2-day intensive course on this before starting React concepts.

Software required to work with React are:

  • Google Chrome or any other modern browser
  • JS editor and VS editor
  • Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac OS
  • Node> 6

The course on React offered by Zeolearn comprises of 24 hours of professional training led by industry experts. For a better understanding, it also focuses on providing practical sessions for the candidates. Almost all the latest versions of React are covered in this course. Students will start building great applications soon after they complete the course and they will utilize all the rich features like Redux, Flux, and React JS.